Shopping in Naxos Greece

Shopping in the heart of this aspect of Naxos’ tourist industry lies solidly within the island’s capital city, Naxos (usually referred to as the “Chora”). This is where you’ll find elaborate rows of shops – a virtual self-contained commercial centre. Agriculture and cattle raising are especially well developed on the island, resulting in the production of superb cheeses, heady wines, pure honey as well as other products (like Naxos’ famed tomatoes and potatoes and of course the local meat products) – all of this despite the flush of tourism in recent years.


“Kitro” liqueur made in Naxos also referred to as “Citron”, an officially recognised Greek liqueur industry trademark. Liqueur and cheeses aside, hand-crafted weavings and pottery from Naxos Island’s traditional textile and ceramics industry decorate the island’s shops.


Naxos is also well known for its marble – evidence of which we see in the impressive structures that have been built both on the island and in other regions of Greece. And last but not least, beyond the glut of small hand-crafted items available in local shops, be sure to check out the “Naxian Eye”, a popular handicraft said to bring good luck to its owner. Have fun shopping in Naxos Greece!